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Our IMPEX (Import - Export) Division was formed to support our Client’s need to move chemical products and equipment around Sub Saharan Africa in a timely and economical manner.

The products and systems that are moved for Sentratek by this division are aimed primarily at cost optimisation for the end client and as importantly, the improvement in safety during the handling of hazardous chemicals.

IMPEX 's main functions are the  sourcing and importing of chemical raw materials and various equipment components on behalf of the Sentratek companies and their clients in Africa. Our IMPEX division will source items and calculate the quickest and most economical route to the customer directly from the supplier or manufacturer. Their knowledge and understanding of the import and export requirements for each country allows them to provide an efficient and economical service to Sentratek and its Africa based clients.

Through close co-operation with their freight forwarding and logistics partners, we take care of the complex chemical product export and logistics procedures from South Africa into countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

We provide a Service and Logistics Network across Africa which includes:

Load Consolidation, Staging & Inspection,
Full Freight & Forwarding Services, BOM Generation
SADC Certificates, Export and Import Documentation,
Containerized remote Site Storage and Supply Depots,
Emergency Speed Freight Services, and Hazardous Chemical Airfreght
Crating and Fumigation Services,
Strategic Raw Material Stock Holding Management Services.


As a member of the OFT Group the Sentratek IMPEX Division works in collaboration with our sister companies IMPEX Procurement Divisions: