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The Sentratek Group and its subsidiaries operate as individual business units and we combine our shared Group resources to grow our business footprint, service availability and logistics capability more cost effectively.

This allows us to offer a variety of specialist services and consumable supply solutions to a clients site via a single product package known as SENTRATEK PROCESS MANAGEMENT.

Our Process Management Contracts tailor a unique offering to each Food and Beverage client which allows for Variable unit of production and OBC pricing models that allow the client to receive a single monthly invoice that consolidates what would normally require the sourcing of services from a wide variety of suppliers.

Services that would normally be includer in a single Process Management Contract include:

Management of all chemical products, supply, inventory and in use control.
Process and Utilities Water treatment Services and consumables.
Chemical Raw Material Sourcing, Supply and Management.
Site Based Stock holding on our Balance Sheet.
Management of Key Process Functions such as Environmental Sanitation, Supply Chain, Maintenance etc..
Testing, Monitoring and Control of chemicals in solution
On site chemical blending and hydration
Chemical Usage control and optimisation
Monthly feedback on cost and quality
Supply and training of locally recruited staff to carry-out certain process functions on the client site.

Sentratek has offered Process management and Supply contracts since inception in 1996 to our clients who include Leading Breweries, Soft Drink manufacturers, Food Processing plants and Dairies across Africa.

On-Site Resources

In tailoring a Supply and Management solution to our clients specific needs, we place highly trained Process Technicians on site and implement systems and control measures for which we assume accountability. This allows for effective and immediate feedback to management as to its options, which ensures optimal Cost and Quality Risk management systems for our clients.

Client Savings Projected 

All our contracts signed to date, have created Raw and Specialty Chemical cost savings in excess of 20% on immediate operating costs as a direct result of our experience and technical expertise in implementing and utilizing equipment specifically designed to suit each client's applications and needs.

Experience and Capability

Our Technical and Process Management staff ranges from Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical engineers to R&D Chemists and Qualified Process Technicians.

 For more information on how we can assist you please feel free to contact us.