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sentratek namibia water treatment

Water is one of our most scarce, valuable and vulnerable natural resources. Whether water is used in a process or is in itself the finished product; safety and quality are of paramount importance.

Sentratek will supply you with comprehensive set of Water Treatment solutions which combine custom-designed chemistry and equipment, value-added services and expertise to meet every customers’ specific needs.

Beverage Product Water

Sentratek has served a niche market in Treatment of Beverage Producers Product Water and uses its accumulated process knowledge to develop a comprehensive range of treatment techniques and process controls, driven by quality and cost management improvement considerations which include but are not limited to the design, operation and control of:

Water Softeners and Deionisation Plants
Sand and Glass(AFM) Media Filters,
Carbon Filters,
Membrane Filters (RO and other),
Dosing & Control Equipment,
Water Disinfection – Cl2/ CLO2 / UV/ Ozone.

We also strive to meet sustainability goals specifically in the areas of water and energy use reductions to reduce the environmental impact of your business’ activities.

Utilities Process Water (Boilers & Cooling Towers)

To protect the integrity of a plants high-value assets like Boilers, Steam Generators, Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers a high level of utilities process water quality needs to be maintained at all times.Sentratek has designed different programs to control and reduce the effects of scale and corrosion in your heating and cooling systems to prevent high repair costs, possible plant shutdowns and output efficiency problems as well as the premature replacement of high-value assets.

A number of different treatment techniques as well as the optimization of blow down controls and heat transfer efficiencies coupled with reductions in water and energy consumptions will not only ensure optimally sustainable performance but may help your company to make substantial savings in overall.

Chemical Supply

We supply the extensive, internationally accepted Hydrex range of Water Treatment Chemicals which include:

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors,
Oxygen Scavengers,
Flocculants and Antiscalents,
Biocides and Biodispersants,
pH Adjustment Chemicals,
Hardness Sequestrants. 

 For more information on how we can assist you please feel free to contact us.